Richard's RandomWebsite News, November 1st, 2019.
Issue #4 Removing the "Richard's" from RandomWebsite.
The reason why RandomWebsite was renamed to "Richard's RandomWebsite" is because it was to separate from the other "Random Websites" out there. Now, from what I know, there isn't a wide array of sites that are like this site, so separating this site from the """"competition"""" by renaming it makes absolutely no sense. Plus, I don't like the name. I want to make it part of, so as of now, I am renaming it "geck0's RandomWebsite."
geck0's RandomWebsite will just be what RandomWebsite always was and is now. My random fuckery in HTML form.
Richard's RandomWebsite News, October 30, 2019.
Issue #3 It's been a while.I haven't updated this blogger page for 3 years now. The reason? I had lost track of what this site originally was. This site was a personal site. Not a business.
Confused? I don't blame you.
Here's the backstory. I made Richard's RandomWebsite as a little fun creative project on Khan Academy back in 2015. It was simply called "RandomWebsite" at the time. On the site I was just pumping out creative stuff that came out of my head. I had fun. A lot of fun. I then uploaded the site to 000webhost, which made me have even more fun. Wow! I can upload this site to the whole entire world! Cool! Nobody visited it except me but it was still fun knowing it was up and online. I don't remember when it was taken down, but I would estimate mid to late 2016 is when it was taken down. I forgot about it for months then resurrected it as a tech startup. That's where it went wrong.

I resurre…
Richard's RandomWebsite News, June 11, 2016.
Issue #2 Richard's RandomWebsite will no longer be using 000webhost and will now be finding another hosting provider.Unfortunately, Richard's RandomWebsite is no longer accesible on 000webhost for some reason. Whenever I try to access it, it always says that the server cannot be found. I tried resetting the DNS but that did not work.

Time to find another hosting service.
Stay Tuned,

Richard's RandomWebsite News, May 22nd, 2016. Issue #1

Richard's RandomWebsite News, May 22nd, 2016.
Issue #1
The new homepage, easy to use. The new home page is a big change for Richard's RandomWebsite. It removes the once cluttered homepage that had been in use since Richard's RandomWebsite was in Khan Academy.
Ever since January 22nd, 2015. Richard's RandomWebsite had been using the same old homepage which looked cluttered and ugly. But nonetheless, The old homepage was a staple to this website's history.
But, it would've been nice if it changed. Besides, why would I stay with this layout? It's ok to try new things now and then, and I think that this layout will be a great part of this website.
I will change the layout as soon as I can, so you guys can enjoy it. Sincerely, Richard.